Oxford’s Radcliffe Camera – Dickens Village by Department 56


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Any mini village scene would look more distinguished with the addition of Oxford’s Radcliffe Camera from Dickens Village by Department 56. Made from porcelain, this figurine depicts one of the most famous buildings at Oxford University. The stone-like walls have a round shape with a railing near the top. At the center of the building, there is a grey, domed roof. The walls are a light orange in the middle and a beige color at the base. There is a series of doors around the base with the main door accompanied by a set of steps. Snowy patches adorn the ground next to the steps. The multiple windows on the building light up from the inside with a 120V light bulb powered by a light cord.

In addition, this miniature building comes with a small sign that reads Radcliffe Camera. It also features the Oxford seal. A small evergreen tree stands next to the sign. Patches of snow adorn the ground below them. This figurine set makes a great addition to any village scene. Oxford’s Radcliffe Camera by Department 56 also looks fantastic on display by itself. This hand-painted miniature building is made by Department 56.

  • Introduction Date: January 2021
  • Collection: Dickens Village
  • Key Features:

    • Depicts a popular building at Oxford
    • Highly detailed
    • Hand painted
    • Lights up with a bulb
    • Great for university or mini village scenes


    • Made from porcelain


    • Height: 10.2 Inches
    • Width: 7.9 Inches
    • Length: 7.2 Inches

    Measurements are approximate.


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