Ornate Damascus Dirk

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The traditional weapon of officers and nobles in medieval Scotland was the dirk, a thrusting dagger with a distinct shape. This Ornate Damascus Dirk is an elegant weapon that would have only been wielded by someone with a high rank. Crafted from carbon steel, the blade of this dagger is designed after the coveted Damascus steel blades of the Near East. The guard of the hilt features brass pin accents as well as metal and wooden details. Designed in the characteristic shape of a dirk, the handle of this dagger is made from a combination of bone scales and rosewood that is accented by brass pins. Included with the dirk is a leather sheath to protect the fine steel. A dress dagger designed for the finest lord or lady, this Ornate Damascus Dirk will look fantastic as a part of your ensemble or display.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from carbon steel
  • Features a Damascus style blade
  • Circular guard features metal accents and brass pins
  • Traditional dirk style hilt is crafted from rosewood and bone scales
  • Includes a stitched leather scabbard
  • Great for personal use or for gifting


  • Overall Length: 12.5 Inches


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