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The practice of cuffing a prisoners hands is not a new one. It has been around since the Dark Ages. And while these Old West Antique Handcuffs might seem simple, they are also quite effective when it comes to keeping your hands locked securely together. In fact, it was probably handcuffs just like these that kept many an outlaw locked away, securely behind bars, when cleverness and free hands might have otherwise helped them escape. These handcuffs are crafted from solid metal and have a stunning, antique finish that makes them look like aged iron. They are relatively simple in design, consisting of a pair of locking cuffs that encircle the wrist, while a pair of chain-links holds the two cuffs together. The handcuffs also include a key for opening and closing them. It features the same antiqued finish. These Old West Antique Handcuffs are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to keeping a convicts hands free of mischief and mayhem, and when paired with a set of leg cuffs, they are not only a great duo for decoration, but also a solid set of restraints for the most dangerous of untamed western outlaws!

Key Features:

  • All-Metal Construction
  • Features a Great Aged, Antique Finish
  • A Pair of Locking Wrist Cuffs with a Key
  • Includes a Linked Chain For Hanging or Security
  • A Great Collectible or Decor Piece


  • Made of carbon steel


  • Overall Weight: 2 lbs.


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