Octopus White Wine Glass

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The charming design of the Octopus White Wine Glass was inspired by a tale from 17th century Italian folklore in which an octopus rings the church bells in order to save the village of Tellara from a pirate raid. For the stem of the wine glass, a pewter, kraken-style octopus lifts a mighty anchor that balances the glass bowl. White wine bowls are shaped for true connoisseurs. Smallish with a narrow mouth and thin rim, the Octopus White Wine Glass allows your guests to truly appreciate the delicate color, aroma, complexity, and taste of any white variety you serve. It is designed to maintain those delicate aromas at the proper temperature.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from quality pewter and glass
  • Displays a detailed octopus and anchor design
  • Unique nautical piece for your home bar

Care Instructions:

Hand washing is recommended. Wash in warm, soapy water, and dry with a soft cloth.


  • Volume: 12.25 oz.
  • Height: 9 Inches


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