Nickel Colt 1873 Cavalry Revolver Set


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In 1873, a revolver was released to the masses for use by military and civilian alike, one that would inevitably become an icon for an era. That revolver was the Colt Single Action Army, and it is recreated here in this Nickel Colt 1873 Cavalry Revolver Set. This beautiful revolver set recreates the appearance of the Colt Single Action Army in stunning detail, which leaves this replica pistol looking like a newly minted SAA revolver the day it came off the production line. In many ways, you might consider this a commemorative set, one that pays homage to one of the most popular pistols of its era. The featured pistol within possesses a beautiful nickel finish that leaves the pistol gleaming, from frame to cylinder and down the barrel to the muzzle. The grip is classic stained wood. All in all, the pistol is relatively simple yet still awe-inspiring to look at. The pistol comes complete in a packaged box that also features six replica bullets, further completing the illusion of the classic Single Action Army. This Denix pistol features a working action, which means you can cock the hammer and pull the trigger, while enjoying the weight and realistic look and feel of this pistol when you pick it up. Please note, though, that the revolver and its bullets are all crafted purely as replicas, which means that they cannot be converted into a working firearm or into fireable bullets, respectively. In the hands of an enthusiast, this Nickel Colt 1873 Cavalry Revolver Set makes for a great collectible and display piece, so either pick one up for yourself or give one as a gift to the enthusiast in your life today! Plus, the pistol is ridiculously fun to hold and handle, too, which is always a bonus.

Please note that this replica firearm is completely decorative. While it has moving parts, it cannot be made to fire live ammo and should not be excessively dry-fired.

Key Features:

  • A Decorative Non-Firing Replica Western Revolver
  • A Highly Detailed Replica of an 1873 Colt Revolver
  • Possesses an Incredibly Realistic Look and Feel
  • Features a Wood Grip and a Nickel Finish
  • Has a Working Action, Hammer, and Trigger
  • Includes 6 Replica Bullets
  • A Fantastic Collectible, Display Piece or Prop Weapon


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