Mystic Raven 5×7 Embossed Leather Locking Journal


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Ravens have long been creatures of power. Sometimes they are portents or heralds. At others, they are incarnations of gods and goddesses. In this case, though, the Mystic Raven 5×7 Embossed Leather Locking Journal is a blank slate for your works. The cover of the journal is hand-crafted and made in rich red-brown leather. It depicts a stack of books, atop which rests the eponymous raven. The journal contains 120 pages of high quality linen parchment paper, while also featuring a swiveled lock on the side, for secure closure. With pen, quill, or charcoal in hand, this Mystic Raven 5×7 Embossed Leather Locking Journal can become your greatest ally, especially when it comes down to recording your thoughts, writing a poem, crafting a story, or even making some stray sketches.

Key Features:

  • Features a handsomely embossed leather cover
  • Emblazoned with raven perched atop piles of books
  • Has a handcrafted construction
  • Includes 120 pages of quality linen parchment paper
  • Features a swivel lock for keeping the journal closed


  • Length: 7 Inches
  • Width: 5 Inches


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