Musketeer Main Gauche

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Carried at the back for a left hand draw, the main gauche was often brought into play with the rapier for a two handed fighting style. This dagger has cut-outs and notches to slow or disrupt an opponents blade, while the hand is well-protected by the knuckle bow. This main gauche matches our Musketeer Rapier, which can be purchased separately.

Made by Windlass.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Fully tempered 1055 high carbon steel blade
  • Great to pair with a rapier for two handed fighting
  • Includes a sheath


  • Overall Length: 23 Inches
  • Blade Length: 17 Inches
  • Blade Width: 1.5 Inches
  • Weight: 1 lb. 12 oz.

1 review for Musketeer Main Gauche

  1. Frederick (verified owner)

    I was looking for a main gauche to pair with a rapier that I own, specifically a sail guard style main gauche which is unfortunately not very common on the market nowadays, and the Windlass Musketeer Main Gauche thankfully delivers on giving me what I wanted. In fact, this is probably my new favorite dagger that I have in my collection. Even though the pictures of this “dagger” may give off the impression that it’s supposed to be a thin and dainty thing due to its pointy blade, don’t be fooled; it’s actually a really large and robust “mini-sword” that’s very solidly built and commands respect. Just for reference, the box that Dark Knight Armoury sent the dagger to me in was actually pretty big, much bigger than I expected, to the point that I thought it carried TWO daggers in it, but in actuality it only held one. The weight of this thing is 1 lbs 12 oz (i.e. 4 ounces shy of two pounds) and for something only about 23 inches long total it has a solid amount of heft to it, but is thankfully quite well balanced with the balance point right where the blade exits the crossguard. I was initially concerned that the parrying notches in the dagger would weaken the blade or that it would be too thin and wobbly like other main gauches on the market, but now that I have it in hand, I have no concerns at all about that since the blade is actually pretty wide (i.e. it’s about 1.5 inches wide at the base where it exits the guard) and is thick enough so that the blade is so stiff that I cannot bend it. The handle of the dagger is nicely wire-wrapped and strangely enough ribbed which aids in gripping and the fittings and guard on the dagger are polished to a bright mirror shine that’s very attractive. For something in its price range at less than $200, this is a really nice dagger. The only reason I’m giving it four stars and not five is the dagger’s scabbard. The scabbard is a very cheaply made Windlass scabbard with really blocky fittings and the stitching on the one I got was pretty crude; so much so that there was a slight gap in the leather seam. Thankfully, that problem was pretty easy to fix with some superglue and some cord, but it’s the only thing preventing me from giving this dagger a perfect score.

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