Minotaur Greek Pantheon Statue


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Many of the Greek myths would be nothing without the monsters they feature. Bring one myth into your home with the Minotaur Greek Pantheon Statue. This mythical statue will surely fit in your Greek home decor. You can also give it as a gift.

Made from polystone, this hand-painted mini mythology statue depicts the monster standing on a rectangular platform. The platform has a small plaque that reads Minotaur. The cream-colored Greek monster stands in an aggressive pose, seemingly ready for a fight. In one hand, it holds a mighty, double-headed axe that is as tall as the Minotaur.

Meanwhile, the bull-headed monster wears an X-shaped harness with a pair of pauldrons. It also wears a golden belt and battle skirt. Both the axe and harness are golden as well. The Minotaur has bull feet along with human thighs and arms.

With this mini Greek monster statue, you can add some mythical flair to your Greek home decor. Its small size allows it to fit a variety of spaces. Thus, you can easily rest it on a table, desk, or shelf.

History of the Minotaur

Due to a punishment by Poseidon, the wife of Minos gave birth to the Minotaur, a half-man half-bull creature. This monster was kept within a Labyrinth. Athenian men and women were sacrificed to the monster until Theseus was able to defeat him.

Key Features:

  • Based on Greek mythology
  • Features a bulls head and feet with human body
  • Has a golden axe and armour
  • Fits a variety of spaces
  • Great decor piece and collectible


  • Made from polystone


  • Length: 1.6 Inches
  • Width: 1.6 Inches
  • Height: 3.6 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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