Merchant of the Kingdom Leather Belt Bag


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Whether you trade at your local market or go to far off lands, no merchant should be without the Merchant of the Kingdom Leather Belt Bag. It works for not only merchants but also a wide range of other medieval and fantasy characters. This medieval belt bag features a smooth leather front flap and a suede body. It has a round brown body. Meanwhile, there are concave curves along the pointed front flap, creating a reverse-scalloped effect. At the bottom of the flap, a rivet secures a strap. The strap fastens the medieval belt pouch with a double-pointed buckle. Underneath the strap is a diamond-shaped leather accent.

On the back, the bag has a belt loop to keep your gear close at hand. You can hang it from a ring belt or buckle belt, sold separately. Do not let a lack of storage space for your gear trip you up at your next LARP battle or fantasy cosplay. Get this medieval knights bag.

Key Features:

  • Has a pointed front flap
  • Fastens with a buckle
  • Hangs from a belt, not included
  • Versatile design
  • Ideal for faires, cosplays, and more


  • Made from leather and suede

Height Width Depth Belt Loop Size
One Size 8.4 inches 7.25 inches 2 inches Up to 4.25 inches


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