Men At Arms Decorative Axe


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Spectacularly emulating the style of a 15th century battle axe, the Men at Arms Decorative Axe is a delightful way to experience the look and feel of a medieval weapon that was traditionally wielded by warriors on horseback. This battle axe replica features a hardwood handle and a cast metal head. The handle is sleek and rounded with ornate tapering at its center and a fabric fringe accenting its end. In a complex design, the axe head features a classic curved blade, a spiked tip, and another spike located opposite the blade. To provide a simple means of displaying this ornamental weapon, a metal ring is attached to the bottom of the handle. Display your fascination with the medieval era with the Men at Arms Decorative Axe.

Key Features:

  • Decorative medieval battle axe
  • Handle is crafted from hardwood
  • Head is made from cast metal
  • Made in Italy
  • Extraordinary piece of medieval decor
  • Wood grain may vary from model to model


  • Height: 24 Inches
  • Width: 7.8 Inches


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