Medieval Wench Bodice


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In medieval times, wench simply meant woman. Our Wench Bodice is made of cotton twill, and all color options are reversible to black. The encased boning gives plenty of support and lift, even for full-figured women. The adjustable shoulder strap allows the perfect fit no matter how tall or short you are. The bodice features a privacy flap to prevent any gapping of material. We recommend wearing the Wench Bodice with any of our Chemises, Skirts and Petticoats. Machine wash cool, tumble dry low heat.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for Wench, Pirate, Medieval, Renaissance and Celtic looks
  • Boning in the front for extra support
  • All colors are reversible to Black
  • Adjustable lacing shoulders for the perfect fit


  • Made from 100 percent cotton twill fabric


  • WAIST: This bodice is sized in Inches, not a standard dress size. Please select the size that is closest to your natural waist line. Natural waist line is usually right at the belly button.
  • BUST: The bodice is boned for added support and laces up to accommodate any bust size.
  • Most common mistake when ordering – Not ordering by exact waist size. Do not order by your bra size.

BustWaistShoulder to ShoulderOverall Length
24-26 Inch Waist 32.5 inches24-26 inches 12.25 inches23.25 inches
27-29 Inch Waist 32.5 inches27-29 inches 12.75 inches23.25 inches
30-32 Inch Waist 36 inches30-32 inches 12.75 inches23.25 inches
33-35 Inch Waist 36 inches33-35 inches 13.25 inches23.75 inches
36-38 Inch Waist 39 inches36-38 inches 13.75 inches23.75 inches
39-41 Inch Waist 43.5 inches39-41 inches 14.5 inches24.5 inches
42-44 Inch Waist 45.5 inches42-44 inches 14.75 inches24.5 inches


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