Medieval Sword Belt

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A good sword should always be kept at your side, and this Medieval Sword Belt easily accomplishes this task! This addition to your attire will keep your sword hanging securely at your side, to complete your look and ensure that your trusty blade is never out of reach. This belt is made from fine leather, featuring a ring-link accent in its construction which draws it classically back to the 14th and 15th centuries. The belt features a more modern buckle closure for ease of wearing and the extra length can be knotted for a more classic appearance as well. Attached at the ring link are two straps, with smaller ring links and buckled bands that can be connected to a swords scabbard in order to hang a blade at your side. The belt is offered in one size, and the buckle closure offers a bit of room for adjustment as well. It is also offered in two different colors, black and brown. The sword belt supports right hand draw only. It is a handsome accessory, to be sure, as well as a handy one – after all, the Medieval Sword Belt is one piece of your attire that ensures a good sword stays at your side at all times.

Key Features:

  • A Traditional Looking Medieval Belt
  • Made Entirely from Quality Leather
  • Offered in Right-Hand Draw Only
  • Features a Buckle Closure
  • Adorned with a Ring Link and Straps, with Buckled Closures
  • Adjustable to Fit Almost Any Style of Medieval Long Sword
  • Offered in Two Colors
  • A Versatile and Great All-Around Costume Accent
Waist SizeBelt WidthOverall LengthScabbard Strap 1 RangeScabbard Strap 2 Range
One Size36-45 inches1.4 inches62 inches9.25-13.75 inches8.5-13.75 inches

1 review for Medieval Sword Belt

  1. drake.sunryder (verified owner)

    Good suspension system! One quick note, it’s important to know that even though the Brown version in the pictures appears to lack the universal straps to attach to a scabbard, it does indeed come with them when you buy it. Note that in one of the pictured that the straps have been taken off and are hanging around by themselves.

    I’m no leather expert, but the quality of the material feels sturdy. Tough and thick leather, solid metal furniture and buckles. I used it to attach to the Geralt Steel Sword Scabbard from Calimacil and while it took a lot of encouragement to work the leather through the loops of the scabbard (those that weren’t already broken-in by the original suspension system, at least), once everything was fastened and adjusted, it was really comfortable to wear!

    The belt itself is quite long. I have a waist of about 32-34 inches and the end of the belt hung to my knee after folding it, so be prepared to have to cut off some excess if you don’t want that. Overall, a good sword-belt. Would recommend.

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