Medieval Sporting Great Helm


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Create an impact when you display your helms on this distinctive wooden helmet stand. This helmet stand will accommodate any full sized helm. The helm stand is a perfect way to accent and display your favorite helm collection pieces.

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There is a certain appeal to historical European martial arts, one that continues on even to this day. And for the avid practitioner, good protection is a must. This Medieval Sporting Great Helm offers not only good protection, but an iconic look, too. Based on the great helms of the Crusades Era, this helm possesses a cylindrical form that leaves little wonder at how the great helm was also nicknamed the pot helm. The round shape features a narrow, subtly curved crown, with a more swelled face to allow the wearer room to breathe while wearing it, as well as room enough to wear a smaller, lighter helm, should they plan on discarding the helm midway into the fight. The face-mask of the helm is adorned with small round cut-outs to better help with ventilation, while also featuring two wide rectangles, which serve as eyelets. Set between the rectangles is a touch of decoration, in the form of a brass double-ended fleur de lis icon. The helmet features internal padding as well, for added comfort when worn. The helmet comes in two models – the 16 gauge version is designed for light and moderate reenactment, and serves well in SCA events as well, while the 14 gauge version is heavier and made more to stand up to the rigors of more typical combat and traditional swordplay. For the modern-day swordsman, this Medieval Sporting Great Helm is a perfect accent to your collection, not only reminding you of the great knights of history, but also allowing you to become a knight yourself, once you don your armor and draw your sword.

Key Features:

  • A Traditionally Styled Crusades Era Great Helm
  • Crafted Entirely from Mild Steel
  • Offered in Either 16 Gauge or 14 Gauge Steel
  • Features Ventilation Cut-Outs and A Brass Fleur De Lis Accent
  • Offers Great Protection to the Head
  • Ideal for Sword Training, Combat Practice, SCA Events, Reenactments, and More
  • Perfect for Medieval Knights and Warriors
  • Also a Great Display Piece and Collectible

Head CircumferenceWeight
One Size30 inches6.54 lbs


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