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Medieval doctors came prepared with quite the kit, and now, you can prepare yourself for a surgical procedure by equipping yourself with a similar set-up, in the form of this Medieval Doctors Kit, with its assortment of impressive little tools. Each and every piece in this kit is hand forged in carbon steel, and each piece also features a weathered and worn finish that makes the whole set look rather authentic. The set includes eight distinctive pieces, including one bone saw, one hinged clamp, one hinged scissor, two bistoury knives (one large, one small), one pick-probe, and two hooked apparatus (one singular, one double-headed). Each of the pieces is, essentially, fully functional, although the kit as a whole is not designed for actual medical use. They do not come in a sheath. This Medieval Doctors Kit is one collection of items that any Dark Age medical expert simply cannot do without, as it lends such character to their overall look as to make them seem as if they are right out of the pages of history!

Also of note, this Medieval Doctors Kit also looks like it could double over as a set of torturers tools, so if you are looking for something in that direction, this set should also be right up your alley.

Key Features:

  • A Set of 8 Different Medieval Doctor Tools
  • Each Piece is Hand Forged from Carbon Steel
  • Kit Includes Two Knives, Two Hooks, A Bone Saw, a Probe, Scissors, and a Clamp
  • Features a Rather Authentic and Impressive Overall Look
  • An Absolutely Stunning Costume Prop or Decoration
  • Not Designed for Medical Use


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