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This dress is, all at once, noble yet conservative. The design of the Medieval Demoiselle Dress is extraordinarily simple in appearance. However, the use of high-quality fabrics is enough to take a simple design and make it extremely stylish. This amazing garment also features a sleek hood that looks great no matter how it is worn, up or down. The sleeves are wide-brimmed and feature a drawstring, and they can hang off the wrist or be adjusted to hang where-ever is most comfortable for the wearer at the time. This dress also comes in a wide variety of colors. One color acts as the primary color of the dress while the other acts as an accent, decorating the front of the dress while also acting as the color of the interior of the hood and sleeves. The Medieval Demoiselle Dress features boning in the front and back of the upper portion of the dress, as well as an interior lining and strategically placed layers of extra fabric, all of which help to ensure that the dress not only holds its shape perfectly when worn, but also provides all the support you may need while wearing it. The dress fastens via laces in the front, making it quite adjustable. It can fit many different body-types with ease. Here, the dresses pictured above are shown with the addition of a petticoat, which adds shape to the bottom of the dress. The dress itself does not include a petticoat. If the wide-bottomed look is desired, then a petticoat or hoop-skirt can be purchased separately. The dress can also be worn without either accessory without any real problems. The Medieval Demoiselle Dress is a dress that has married simplicity with quality to create a style that is perfect for all manner of medieval and renaissance events.

When ordering, the first Color dropdown menu is for the main color of the dress. The Accent Color is for the front of the dress and the inside of the sleeves and hood.

Key Features:

  • Fantastic Looking Fabric
  • Great for Medieval-Themed Weddings, Medieval Reenactments, or Renaissance Fairs
  • Styled after Medieval-Era Clothing


  • Made from taffeta fabric

Care Instructions:

  • Dry clean only

This size chart is based on suggested body size, not the measurements of the actual garment.

Bust Waist Shoulder to Shoulder Overall Length Skirt Length Sleeve Length Hood Height Hood Depth
Small 33-35 inches 26-28 inches 14 inches 56 inches 41 inches 23.5 inches
Medium 36-38 inches 29-31 inches 16 inches 57.5 inches 42 inches 23.5 inches NA NA
Large 39-41 inches 32-34 inches 17 inches 59 inches 43 inches 24 inches
X-Large 42-44 inches 35-37 inches 18 inches 60 inches 44 inches 24 inches
XX-Large 46-48 inches 39-41 inches 19 inches 61 inches 45 inches 24.5 inches
XXX-Large 50-53 inches 44-46 inches 20.5 inches 62.5 inches 46 inches 25 inches NA NA


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