Mechanical Steampunk Spider Statue


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There is nothing itsy or bitsy about this spider, and it certainly will not be crawling up waterspouts! For one, this Mechanical Steampunk Spider Statue is completely inert. Even if it could move, water and tech are not good bedfellows. This wicked icon recreates the form and body of the traditional arachnid, featuring all eight legs, the classic body structure, and everything necessary to make this statue seem all the more like an actual eight-legged creature. There are two pivotal differences, though. The first is size, as this spider is obviously much larger than most others, and the second is body structure. While all the right forms are in play, this spider is made from steampunk tech, giving it a completely different look. The hand-painted finish lends it a bronze and brass metal coloration, while the various gears, cogs, hydraulics, and more ensure that this spider looks more like a technological gizmo, rather than an actual member of the arachnid family. The spider statue is made from cold cast resin, although this material does provide sufficient detail to make this steampunk statue look like it is fully detailed metal. Fans of spiders and arachnids, as well as steampunk enthusiasts, are sure to love this Mechanical Steampunk Spider Statue, as much for the stellar recreation of the spiders form as for the rich mechanical styling that it offers as a desk, shelf, or table accent.

Key Features:

  • Hand-painted to resemble steampunk metals
  • Depicts a lifelike spider made from steampunk tech
  • Possesses an extreme level of detail
  • A great display piece and collectible for steampunk enthusiasts


  • Made from cold cast resin


  • Length: 6 Inches
  • Height: 1.8 Inches


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