Mary Kingsley’s Safari Skirt

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This skirt is a skirt made for adventure, for a woman who wants the elegance of a skirt while retaining the ability to move and be active. The Mary Kingsleys Safari Skirt delivers on that front, being simply elegant and very easy to move about in. This skirt is a slightly high-waisted skirt with a length that just-about reaches the knees. Like an adventurous garment should be, this skirt is made from heavy cotton for resilience, and it comes in black and a slightly off-white color. Several rivets are used as decoration just below the waist, and a small chain is draped across the waist as well as additional decoration. This skirt fastens with a button and zipper. Pair the Mary Kingsleys Safari skirt with a tasteful and sturdy blouse or shirt, and you will have an ensemble that is perfect for the woman who seeks fame, fortune, and most of all, adventure.

Key Features:

  • Made from Heavy Cotton Fabric
  • Just-Barely Reaches the Knees in Length
  • Features Rivet and Chain Decorations
  • Pairs Nicely with Simple Blouses and Shirts
  • An Adventurous Skirt that Complements a Steampunk Style
Small25.5 inches
Medium28.5 inches
Large31.5 inches
X-Large34.5 inches


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