Mace Wielding Medieval Knight Statue


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Nothing evokes the image of a medieval warrior like this Mace Wielding Medieval Knight Statue. Fully armed and armored, this warrior looks like a great warrior ready to march into battle and crush his enemies. This knightly statue stands on a simple, round base and depicts a knight as he stands upright and read, dressed completely in heavy, plated armor. From head to toe, this warrior wears plates of armor, adorned only with a cape on his back and an impressive bascinet helmet to protect his face. In one hand, the knight shoulders his mace, while the other supports the large kite shield that rests on the ground at the knights side. This statue is made from hand-painted cold cast resin, and it has also been electroplated to give it a bronze, metallic appearance. It stands approximately 7 inches tall. The Mace Wielding Medieval Knight Statue is an impressive little medieval figurine that makes a great addition to almost any style of decor, adding that subtle personal touch that history lovers and medieval enthusiasts are bound to enjoy whenever they catch sight of it.

Key Features:

  • Electroplated for a stunning metallic appearance
  • Depicts a mace and shield wielding armored warrior
  • Features an incredible level of detailing
  • A stunning home decor item or gift idea


  • Made from cold cast resin


  • Height: 7 Inches


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