Long Practice Spear Head

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It is hardly safe to practice with a fully functional spear that is easily capable of piercing a boars hide. That is why we offer this Long Practice Spear Head, which when combined with a solid shaft makes for a great new training tool in your arsenal. This appealing piece is crafted entirely from carbon steel and it features a polished finish. One end features an open slot, which can be fitted to a working pole or stave, while the other end features a flat, blunted blade to simulate the spears design. Narrow in its design, it is obviously made for thrusting, yet its blunted edges and rounded tip ensure that it makes for much safer practice then the traditional spear. Bring this Long Practice Spear Head into your armory to ensure that you can shore up any holes in your spearwork in safety, and when it comes to the real thing, you will not miss a beat when it comes to delivering that perfect final thrust.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Polished Carbon Steel
  • A Traditional Spear Head, Stave Not Included
  • Features a Blunted Blade with a Rounded Tip
  • Great for Safely Practicing Spear Techniques
  • Perfect for an Arms Collection or for Solo Practicing


  • Average Length: 9.5 Inches


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