Loki Bust Statue


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The Loki Bust is a depiction of a well-known figure from Norse mythology associated with trickery and strife. Loki is credited with multiple origins, which vary depending on source, although he often possesses god-like power. Here, Loki is represented as a stern-faced man who wears a decorative cowl. The cowl covers most of his face, leaving only his eyes and mouth uncovered, and it is decorated by fangs and teeth, as well as a pair of curled horns. Loki himself sports a short, pointed beard, and wears banded armor across his neck and shoulders, along with a fur mantle set with a decorative pin. The base of the bust is a square block that reads, Loki. This bust is made from cold cast resin, which has been hand-painted to give it an appearance similar to that of cast bronze metal. It stands approximately 11 in height. There is no better gift to give someone who loves Norse mythology then a depiction of their favorite mythical gods, which makes the Loki Bust Statue a fantastic gift.

Key Features:

  • Hand-painted with a bronze finish
  • Possesses an incredible level of detail
  • Depicts Loki, the Norse god of mischief and strife
  • Great for displaying anywhere in your home or office
  • Makes a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys Norse mythology


  • Made from cold cast resin


  • Height: 11 Inches


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