Limited Edition Miniature Silver Sir Francis Drake Sword by Marto

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Sir Francis Drake was many things in his life. He was always a sailor and often either hero or villain. It is this mans exploits that made him well known, enough so that we pay him homage by offering the Miniature Silver Sir Francis Drake Sword by Marto. Hero to the English, Sir Drake was awarded knighthood in 1581 by Queen Elizabeth I. In direct contrast, he was a villain among the Spanish, with King Philip II having been claimed to have offered a sum of 20,000 ducats for his life. Ornate and yet effective, this sword features a looping quillion on the guard and a knuckle-guard, as well as a nut-shaped pommel to balance the blades weight. Hero or villain – either way, Sir Francis Drake was a noteworthy sailor in his day, so we remember him with the Miniature Silver Sir Francis Drake Sword by Marto.

Key Features:

  • Silver Finished Hilt (Bronze Finish Pictured Above)
  • Possesses a 1:5 Scale


  • Blade Length: 6 Inches
  • Overall Length: 7.25 Inches


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