Limited Edition Miniature Silver Philip II Sword by Marto


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Under Philip II rule, Spain reached the height of power and influence, possessing colonies and lands on every then-known continent to Europeans. The Miniature Silver Philip II Sword, by Marto, is a tribute to this king. Predominantly a rapier in style, this miniature replica possesses the narrow blade that Philip II sword would have possessed, as well as the highly stylized and ornate guard. The ovular pommel and grip are highly decorated. The pommel is sculpted and carved, while the grip is faintly engraved. The guard is made up of a twisting knot of quillions that serve as not only a defensive feature, but also as decoration and additional surface upon which more designs are lavishly applied to this sword. A sword for battle, this is not. As a miniature replica, though, the Miniature Silver Philip II Sword, by Marto, still looks to be fit for a king.

Key Features:

  • Silver Finished Hilt
  • Possesses a 1:5 Scale


  • Blade Length: 6 Inches
  • Overall Length: 7.25 Inches


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