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The Vikings were more than just raiders who sacked and pillaged Europe. They were also great seafarers, who explored far beyond most nations reach. And this Leif Ericson Stein pays homage to one Viking who is thought to have reached North America. This stein also echoes the original meaning of the term, as stein is a German word that means stone. This stein is made from stoneware and features its namesake on one side, depicting Leif Ericson the Viking in stunning detail. It also features a wrap-around, old-world style map, which depicts the Vikings projected ocean route as he traveled from the isle of Ireland to both Greenland and North America. Subtle blue raised relief borders adorn the top and bottom of the stein, as well as the handle, which makes the stein easy to carry and hold. A lid wrought of fine pewter adorns the top of the stein and is embossed with a map design. The lid also features a hinge, which makes it easy to open and close. This stein is both impressive to look at as well as being fully functional. So now, you can raise a glass to pay homage to the Viking who ranged far and wide and saw new sights and new lands, thanks to this impressively detailed Leif Ericson Stein.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Fine Stoneware and Pewter Metal
  • Fully Functional and Safe for Use
  • Decorated with an Old World Map and Viking Portrait
  • Features an Embossed Pewter Map Lid
  • Great for Re-enactments, Medieval Themed Feasts, and Parties
  • A Spectacular Gift for Yourself or a Loved One


  • Height: 7.75 Inches
  • Volume: 0.5 liters


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