Late Roman Copt Tunic


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The toga might have been the symbolic garment of the Roman citizen, but no piece of clothing was quite as prolific as the tunic. This Late Roman Copt Tunic, for instance, is based on a style that was popular in the southern bounds of the Empire. Favored in the southern reaches that bordered on the torrid clime of Egypt and the desert, this tunic reflects a glimmer of classic Roman style, fused with that of a desert-dwelling people. The tunic is made entirely from cotton, giving it a light, loose-fitting, and airy form. It is primarily white, to help with heat, while also featuring rich colored decorations on the neckline, shoulders, and sleeves, to better show off the personal prestige of a Roman citizen. It also has full length sleeves, and its long length is made easier to move in thanks to short slits on either side. Designed for the desert, this Late Roman Copt Tunic still shows off a fine sort of style that makes it an important part of any Roman reenactors wardrobe, allowing them to create more distinctive and unique looks, from the outer bounds of the empires territories.

Key Features:

  • Made From Fine, Quality Cotton Fabric
  • A Long, Nearly Knee Length Tunic
  • A Tunic with a Loose, Flowing Fit
  • Features Full Length Sleeves and a Square Neckline
  • Richly Adorned with Embroidered Designs
  • A Perfect Touch to a Wide Variety of Roman Looks
  • Perfect for Festivals, Fairs, LARPs, Reenactments, and More

ChestWaistOverall LengthSleeve LengthCollar Width
Medium48 inches52 inches41.5 inches22 inches8 inches
Large54 inches58 inches42 inches23.5 inches9 inches


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