Lady Alexia Lace Panel Boots


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With all its gadgets, gizmos, and inventions, the world of steampunk might seem a bit too industrial at times. How do you dress that? Why with the Lady Alexia Lace Panel Boots, a delicate touch to balance out the mechanical style! These exceptional knee-high boots are crafted from faux leather with an elegant polyurethane lace overlay. A scalloped trim adds another feminine feature to help counteract the cogs and sprockets of the mechanized world. Laced up in the front for a satisfying fit and exceptional style, these high heel boots are easy to put on due to the zipper that lines the inner side of the boot shaft. These delicate features are no issue when pairing with your best neo-Victorian outfit, however, because steampunk is all about making it work! When things get too industrial, the vintage charm of the Lady Alexia Lace Panel Boots can bring subtle elegance to any alternative event!

Key Features:

  • Elegant style for an industrial universe
  • Crafted using high-quality materials
  • Exceptional overlay panel with scallop trim
  • Zipper on inner side for easy wear
  • Comfortable to wear for any steampunk occasion
  • Perfect accents for neo-Victorian women


  • Main Build of Boot Made from 100 percent Polyurethane Leather
  • Overlay Made from 85 percent Lace, 15 percent Polyurethane Fabric
  • Soles Made of Synthetic Material

Standard US Womens shoe sizes. Runs true to size. Not available in Wide or Narrow, only Standard Please keep in mind these measurements are relative to the size of the shoe and will vary slightly between sizes.

Shaft Height Heel Height Platform Height Calf Circumference Ankle Circumference
Womens Size 6 12.5 inches 4 inches 1 inch 13 inches 9.5 inches
Womens Size 7 12.5 inches 4 inches 1 inch 13.25 inches 9.75 inches
Womens Size 8 NA 4 inches 1 inch NA NA
Womens Size 9 13.25 inches 4 inches 1 inch 14 inches 10.5 inches
Womens Size 10 13.5 inches 4 inches 1 inch 14.25 inches 11 inches
Womens Size 11 14.25 inches 4 inches 1 inch 15.5 inches 11 inches


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