Kreigsmesser Sword by Cold Steel


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Kriegsmesser translates to War Knife from the original German. The Kreigsmesser Sword by Cold Steel honors this fierce sword design. Forged from high carbon steel, this functional medieval sword features a long, single-edged blade with a hard-spring temper. The sharpened blade has a slightly up-swept tip. A fuller runs down three-quarters of the full-tang blade.

Next, the soldiers sword continues with a steel cruciform crossguard. The crossguard has a traditional nagel. This nagel curve back towards the hilt from the center of the crossguard. It features two concave grooves on top.

Then, the hilt has a two-handed rosewood grip. A groove runs down the center of the grip, helping to provide a more secure grasp. Four copper rivets secure the wood to the tang of the blade.

At the end of the handle, there is a steel pommel. The rounded pommel continues the groove from the grip. It extends slightly on the edge side of the sword, to act as a hand stop. This functional German sword makes a great addition to any armoury or weapon collection. Bring the sword to your next historical reenactment.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Has a single-edged blade with up-swept tip
  • Cruciform crossguard with traditional nagel
  • Grooved, two-handed grip
  • Great for medieval characters


  • Blade is high-carbon steel
  • Grip is rosewood
  • Guard and pommel are steel

Measurements are approximate

Overall LengthBlade Length
45 Inches33 Inches


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