Kaspar Steel Gorget

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Neck protection is a vital part of any soldiers armour. The Kaspar Steel Gorget does the job with style. Inspired by the armour worn by 16th and 17th century fighters, this Renaissance gorget is handcrafted from high-quality steel. The high collar guards the neck while the round base rests upon the torso, designed to sit underneath a cuirass, a unique aspect of this plate armour gorget. The Kaspar Steel Cuirass is especially designed with a wider neck to accommodate this steel collar. A braided pattern along both the collar opening and lower edge adds understated flare. Leather straps at each side of the neck let you attach a variety of spaulders and pauldrons to this steel gorget, but this armour piece particularly matches the Kaspar Steel Spaulders, sold separately. Ideal for LARP and costume use, the Kaspar Steel Gorget makes a great addition to the armour sets of knights and soldiers from history and fantasy alike. Be sure to wear padding underneath this plate armour neck guard for proper comfort and safety.

Please be aware that this armour is handmade, and it can be thicker than listed here. As such, it is intended mainly for costuming, light reenactment, and LARP.

When purchasing armour pieces, in order for the pieces to be compatible, it is best to stay within the brand.

Key Features:

  • Designed to be worn underneath torso armour
  • Based on 16th and 17th century cavalry armour
  • Edges are decorated with braided pattern along ridge
  • Has leather straps at sides of neck for attaching spaulders
  • Ideal for LARP and Renaissance era armour costumes


  • Made of 18 gauge steel

Neck CircumferenceFront LengthBack Length
One Size21 inches5.75 inches5.25 inches

1 review for Kaspar Steel Gorget

  1. stephen Hardin (verified owner)

    Looks good, but I found it very difficult to put on and take off. Pinched my neck a few times but when I managed to get it on it felt fine. Unfortunately it felt near impossible to take off, to the point I started to panic, With how round it is, it’s very hard to get a grip to push or pull in any direction. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this to someone with a thicker neck or to anyone trying to take it on and off solo.

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