Jakub Viking Rus Coat


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Adorn yourself with the aura of ancient valor and mystique with the Jakub Viking Rus Coat. Imagined from the robust fabric of history, this coat is meticulously crafted to transport you back to the days of the Vikings. Available in a majestic rich black with bordeaux accents, this coat bespeaks nobility and strength, perfect for those who revel in the intensity of historical recreations.

Fashioned from 100% York cotton, the fabric promises not only authenticity to your ensemble but also endurance and comfort in various conditions. Its six diverse sizes assure a great fit for a variety of warriors, be it in the quiet of the mead hall or the clamor of the battlefield.

The defining feature of this Rus coat is the asymmetrical overlap design, fastening securely with buttons that lend a touch of unique style and practical ease. The contrasting trim embellishes the button loops, cuffs, and hem—details that catch the eye and signify a meticulous attention to the artistry of the era.

Its short collar stands proudly, reminiscent of a time where might and right walked hand in hand. Designed to flare slightly outward below the waist and end near the thighs, it offers ease of movement and a silhouette that commands respect and admiration. The long sleeves are not just a nod to functionality but also to style, particularly suited for those striving for a militaristic edge.

Whether you are marching to the beat of war drums in a historical reenactment, immersing yourself in the fantastical world of LARPing, or embodying a character in cosplay, the Jakub Viking Rus Coat is an exquisite choice.

It does not just serve as costume apparel but as a testament to the enduring spirit of a bygone era, a garment that looks as good in the heat of battle as it does in the camaraderie of a kinfolk gathering.Set forth in the Jakub Viking Rus Coat and weave your own saga of adventure and valor.

Key Features:

  • Color: A majestic rich black base adorned with elegant bordeaux accents, invoking the rich palette of Viking age nobility.
  • Sizes: Available in six varied sizes to accommodate a broad spectrum of body forms, from the slender to the robust.
  • Design: Features an asymmetrical overlap with button fastening for a distinctive style, complemented by contrasting trim on button loops, cuffs, and hem for added visual appeal.
  • Functionality: Designed with a short collar for a dignified appearance and flares slightly outward below the waist for improved mobility; long sleeves enhance the garments military-like aesthetics.
  • Versatility: Ideal for historical reenactments, LARPing, cosplay, or simply as a statement piece for those captivated by the Viking era.


  • Made from 100% cotton
This size chart is based on suggested body size, not the measurements of the actual garment.
Chest CircumferenceWaist Circumference
Small36.6-38.2 inches31.5-32.3 inches
Medium39.8-41.3 inches35.4-36.2 inches
Large42.9-44.5 inches37.8-38.6 inches
X-Large46.1-47.6 inches42.5-43.3 inches
XX-Large49.2-50.8 inches47.2-48 inches
XXX-Large52.4-53.9 inches51.2-52 inches


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