Indian Katar


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The Indian Katar is not a particularly common weapon. Similar in design to a push-dagger, yet much larger, the exotic dagger is essentially a punch-blade, one that greatly enhances the lethality of a warrior by fitting a blade onto their hand. Designed to greatly resemble the real thing, straight from India, this katar possesses a EN45 high-carbon steel blade with gently curved edges and a triangular design. This creates a piercing point, with a wide blade at the base for strength and cutting ability. The blade is mounted onto a twin-barred handle that wraps around the sides of the hand, and extends the reach by setting the blade just slightly ahead of the fist. When gripped, the blade aligns with the fist, so that every thrown punch becomes a deadly thrust. Included with the katar is a black leather-wrapped scabbard, for safely storing the weapon away and keeping the blade safe from over-exposure. Katars are infrequently seen outside of the realms of fantasy and fiction, but they are a real, yet rare weapon. And that rarity makes this Indian Katar all the more fearsome in its look, and all the more desirable as a collectible to own and enjoy.

Historical Info:

Katar were primarily a weapon of Indian descent. Considered, at one point, to be a sign of prestige and martial might, the katar was a favored weapon of the warrior class, as well as of nobility. It was carried about as a status symbol and as a personal defense, and even used as a hunting weapon, to prove ones martial skill and courage! The katar is often associated with martial arts, and for good reason, as it extends the wearers reach and makes each strike a bladed attack, instead of a blunt-force fist-strike. Even today, there are Indian martial arts that teach the use of this deadly looking punch-blade.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Based on the Indian Punching Katar
  • Blade is Affixed to a Steel Grip with Twin Bar Hand-Holds
  • Includes a Leather Wrapped Scabbard


  • Made from EN45 high carbon steel


  • Overall Length: 16 Inches
  • Blade Length 9 Inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound 8 Ounces


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