Heraldic Lion Pewter Necklace


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It is not hard to see why the lion was a favored animal in heraldry. After all, it is the king of the beasts. This Heraldic Lion Pewter Necklace depicts just such a beast, in all its heraldic design and glory, as a necklace for any to own and wear. This pendant echoes the look of the very-same heraldry that might have been found a knights tabard or shield in the medieval days, depicting a rampant lion. A rampant lion is the most common form of the lion in heraldry, depicting the king of beasts as it rises up onto a hind leg, with all the others poised to attack. Adorning the head of this beast is also a crown, which indicates its status as the king of the beasts. The pendant is supplied on a silver chain, for easy wearing, and it also comes attached to a fold-over card which offers a bit of historic information about heraldry on the back. This Heraldic Lion Pewter Necklace is a medieval classic and an instant hit, one that can easily be worn as a piece of costume jewelry, to show off your kingly might and bravery, or as a casual part of your everyday attire, to keep something medieval near to you, at all times.

Key Features:

  • Made Entirely from Fine, Polished Pewter
  • Depicts the Heraldic Form of the Rampant Lion
  • Includes a Silver Chain for Easy Wearing
  • Also Features a Card Backing, with Historic Information
  • A Great Collectible, Costume Piece, or Everyday Accent


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