Green Sakura Jintachi with Black Scabbard

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The jintachi is a modern-day design of ancient tachi swords, which were used by samurai prior to the development of the katana. The Green Sakura Jintachi with Black Scabbard serves as an excellent example of the Japanese blade. The functional sword features a carbon steel blade with distinctive Damascus etching. The handle is wrapped with green cotton, and sakura blossom designs decorate the tsuba and end cap of the oriental blade. This sakura tachi sword comes with a black lacquer scabbard and a sword bag. With its stunning look and quality construction, this Japanese sword makes a great option for collectors and swordsmen!

Key Features:

  • A functional oriental sword
  • Made from carbon steel
  • Features zinc alloy sakura tsuba design
  • Handle is wrapped with green cotton
  • Comes with black lacquer scabbard and sword bag
Overall LengthBlade LengthBlade Thickness
One Size40 inches27 inches0.28 inch


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