Gothic Cross Leather Arm Bracers


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Unique is a good word to describe the Gothic Cross Leather Arm Bracers. Why? Because these bracers are not your typical bracers that have a cross on them. No, these bracers actually have a cross cut into them, which makes for a much cooler bracer. Lets get the ball rolling by stating that these bracers are hand-made. Only quality 7/8 oz. leather and materials are used when these bracers are crafted. Where the middle of the bracer should be, a stylized cross has been cut out. The cross is gothic in design, with each arm of the cross splintering apart into three pieces at the ends. Under this cross cut-out is a colored backing, which serves to highlight the cut-out section and bring it to attention. And to keep the bracer sturdy and strong, rivets ring the cut-out, securing the leather down. These bracers are easy and comfortable to wear, just thread the provided leather lace through the eyelets and gently pull them tight around your forearm. Our Gothic Cross Leather Arm Bracers are truly a unique, intriguing item. And if unique and intriguing interest you, then they might be the bracers for you, too.

When selecting your color, the first color listed is for the arm bracer. The second color listed is for the suede insert.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from top quality 7/8 oz. leather
  • Cut out Gothic cross design
  • Comfortable, provides a great fit
  • Lace up closure
Top WidthBottom WidthLength
One Size9.75 inches7 inches10.25 inches


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