Gentleman’s Vest



The Gentleman’s Vest is a visually complex and striking vest that looks great with medieval and renaissance-themed attire. It is also multi-purpose garment that can be used in many ways, from antiquated attire to Steampunk-styled clothing and beyond. This stunning vest is made from two high-quality materials. The front of the vest consists of damask brocade that features an elaborate, lined pattern, while the back consists of plain satin. Being a vest, this garment is totally sleeveless and has a rather straight silhouette. When worn properly, the vest should be approximately waist-length. It is also features a fully-lined interior. The vest fastens via buttons on the front, and features a fastener in the back, which keeps the vest secure around the waist. The Gentleman’s Vest is pictured here with an elegant shirt and a pair of black pants, which are not included. It is not hard to gauge the usefulness of this vest, as it works wonderfully in a variety of roles. It can complement a nobles attire, it can act as a sophisticated touch to modern formal attire, or it can be used to create an elegant, Victorian-themed Steampunk look. And that is just three of the almost unlimited possibilities.

Key Features:

  • Made from High-Quality Fabrics
  • Extremely Versatile Garment
  • Great for Steampunk Events, Medieval-Themed Weddings, and Renaissance Fairs
  • Styled after Medieval and Renaissance era Clothing


  • Small: 36 Inch Chest, 31 Inch Waist, 16 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder, 18 Inch Neck to Waist (Back)
  • Medium: 38 Inch Chest, 34 Inch Waist, 18 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder, 18.5 Inch Neck to Waist (Back)
  • Large: 41 Inch Chest, 37 Inch Waist, 19 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder, 19 Inch Neck to Waist (Back)
  • X-Large: 44 Inch Chest, 40 Inch Waist, 20 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder, 19.5 Inch Neck to Waist (Back)
  • XX-Large: 48 Inch Chest, 43 Inch Waist, 21 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder, 20 Inch Neck to Waist (Back)
  • XXX-Large: 52 Inch Chest, 47 Inch Waist, 22 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder, 20 Inch Neck to Waist (Back)


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