Full Tang Machete with Lanyard Loop


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Sometimes, you just cannot beat a classic. This Full Tang Machete with Lanyard Loop combines quality materials, a fine make, and a tried and true design to create an excellent hand-cleaver that will deal with virtually anything with surprising ease. At first glance, this machete appears every inch the classic form, featuring a moderately sized blade with a rounded tip and a flat spine, which provides rigid strength as well as plenty of cutting edge. The shape of the blade puts a bit more weight behind every swing too, without making the machete overly heavy or unwieldy. The blade is made from fine steel, and it features a full-length tang that is secured between two pieces of wood to create a hardy and solid handle. Extending out from the tip of the handle is a small steel extension that serves to attach a lanyard (please note that you must attach your own lanyard, as the machete does not come with one). Included with the machete is a black sheath, so that the machete can be safely stored and transported with ease. Altogether professional quality makes this Full Tang Machete with Lanyard Loop an instant favorite, just as its effectiveness at cutting down weeds, offensive foliage, marauding zombies, and more will make it any survivors preferred blade of choice.

Key Features:

  • Fully Functional
  • A Professional Grade Latin Machete
  • Blade is Crafted from Fine Steel
  • Full Tang Construction Ensures Overall Strength
  • Wood Grip is Solid and Great for Handling
  • Includes a Black Sheath for Safe Storage
  • Great for Functional Use and Zombie Slaying


  • Overall Length: 21 Inches


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