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Step into the world of knights and nobles, where legend and lore blend seamlessly with reality, presenting the Foam Excalibur Sword. A meticulous recreation of one of historys most iconic blades, this foam masterpiece invites you to wield the power and mystique of the Arthurian era.

Designed with a passion for history and an eye for detail, our Foam Excalibur Sword is not just a prop; it is a tribute to the legendary King Arthur. The double-edged blade, etched with ornate designs, evokes the majestic and storied past of Camelots greatest king. Every swing and parry brings you closer to the myths that have enchanted hearts for centuries.

Royal Elegance, Legendary Detail

Crafted from high-quality foam, this sword offers the perfect balance between aesthetic fidelity and safety. Whether you are attending a Renaissance fair or engaging in spirited cosplay battles, the Foam Excalibur Sword ensures you do so in safety. Its lightweight construction allows for swift, comfortable handling, ensuring you can uphold the chivalric code in even the most spirited of encounters.

The swords guard and pommel are adorned with gold coloring, perfectly complementing the intricate dragon emblems that hint at a connection to ancient, mystical powers. This careful attention to detail not only pays homage to the legendary origins of Excalibur but also elevates your costume with an air of authenticity and regality that is unmatched.

A Sword for the Ages

Whether you are a cosplayer seeking to capture the essence of Arthurian legend, a collector of historically inspired memorabilia, or someone in search of the perfect centerpiece for a themed event, the Foam Excalibur Sword transcends its form to become a beacon of bravery, valor, and chivalry. It invites you to not only showcase a piece of history but also to embody the spirit of King Arthur himself – noble, just, and fearless.

Unsheath your Foam Excalibur Sword and step into legend. With every grasp, feel the weight of history in your hands and the call of adventure in your heart.

Key Features:

  • Unrivaled Authenticity: Designed to mirror the mythical Excalibur, the foam sword captures the essence of Arthurian legend with its detailed etchings and historic design.
  • High-Quality Foam Construction: Durable yet lightweight, this sword ensures both safety and ease of use during reenactments, cosplay events, or play battles.
  • Ornate Detailing: The blade is complemented by a meticulously designed guard and pommel, featuring gold coloring and dragon emblems, to evoke the sword’s legendary and noble origins.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for cosplay enthusiasts, collectors, and those looking to add a touch of medieval flair to their events.
  • Comfortable Handling: Engineered for balance and ease, this sword allows for dynamic movements without sacrificing the authenticity of your portrayal.


  • Made from latex-free foam
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