Fisted Walking Cane


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Even though sword canes are not their style, pacifists need a way to protect themselves when out walking the streets. The Fisted Walking Cane has enough power and intimidation in symbol alone to keep dastardly pickpockets at bay. The head of this aluminum cane depicts the image of a clenched fist in mid-punch, emitting an aura of power and control. The bottom of the cane is tipped with rubber to keep it from making skids or sound as you make your way through dangerous areas. The Fisted Walking Cane is perfect for those who wish for a self-defense cane without a sharp blade hidden in its shaft or those with an avid love of boxing.

Key Features:

  • Head depicts the image of a clenched fist in mid-punch
  • Cane includes a knob at the bottom for traction when walking and prevention of skids
  • Made by Windlass Steelcrafts
  • Perfect for lovers of boxing or those who wish to defend themselves while out


  • Made from aluminum


  • Overall Length: 36.75 Inches


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