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In medieval tales and legends, the destructive power of dragons appeared as a real threat to villages and kingdoms. The Fire Dragon Necklace depicts a sinuous, fire-breathing dragon in flight as its pendant. Its body whips behind it in a twining motion, showing off the ridges on its back and the rough scales of its length. Its long tail ends in a forked prong that makes it as dangerous from behind as it is from the front. Its wings spread to either side as its mouth emits a jet of violent flame. Crafted from lead-free pewter and attached to a chain for easy wearing, this necklace offers an eye-catching accessory for any dragon enthusiast to enjoy!

Key Features:

  • Depicts a fire-breathing dragon in flight
  • Features a great level of detail
  • Includes necklace chain for easy wearing
  • Makes an excellent gift or personal accessory


  • Made from lead free pewter


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