Explorer’s Doublet


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The doublet was a common piece of attire in its day. It was not worn only by royalty and aristocracy. Doublets, such as the Explorer’s Doublet, were worn by the common people for need of an extra layer or additional function in their attire. This simple yet functional doublet is made entirely from medieval-style woven cotton, giving it an attractive yet rugged appearance. This doublet is entirely sleeveless and has small extensions on the shoulders, creating a slightly exaggerated silhouette. This particular doublet is also longer than is typical, falling to about upper or mid-thigh. Four horn-shaped buttons line the front of this doublet, allowing for it to be secured with relative ease. The doublet is pictured here with matching pants and a brown shirt, which are not included. Available in a variety of colors, the Explorer’s Doublet is a simple garment that is a great addition to any of your more functional and rugged medieval or renaissance looks.

Key Features:

  • Made from Quality Woven Cotton
  • Available in Several Colors
  • Features handy pockets
  • Great for Medieval Reenactments and Renaissance Fairs
  • Styled after Medieval and Renaissance era Clothing

This size chart is based on suggested body size, not the measurements of the actual garment.
Chest Waist Overall Length Shoulder Width
Small 36 inches 31 inches 18 inches 16 inches
Medium 38 inches 34 inches 18.5 inches 18 inches
Large 41 inches 37 inches 19 inches 19 inches
X-Large 44 inches 40 inches 19.5 inches 20 inches
XX-Large 48 inches 43 inches 20 inches 21 inches
XXX-Large 52 inches 47 inches 20 inches 22 inches


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