Engraved Steel Rondel Dagger


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Popular particularly in the fifteenth century, this Engraved Steel Rondel Dagger recreates the look of the side-arm that serfs, nobles, and knights were all carrying, thanks in part to its openness to design, as well as to its generally effective form. This dagger suits more the design of a knight or a low-ranked owner, possessing a traditional silver-steel guard and pommel, which possess a hexagon shape that adds a bit of unique flare to the dagger. The hilt set between the two is crafted entirely in wood, and features a rich, twisted spiral pattern that is comfortable to hold and appealing to see, both. The blade is crafted entirely in carbon steel, and it possesses a straight-edged triangular shape, a rather unique form for the rondel dagger type, with engravings along the waist of the dagger, just below the hilt. Included with the dagger is a black leather sheath, which is perfect for safely storing or carrying the dagger. The impressive detail, found on both the blade and the hilt, makes this Engraved Steel Rondel Dagger a fine piece that is sure to catch the eye, whether it hangs on your belt, rests in your hand, or sits on a stand or in a case in your home decor.

Key Features:

  • Modeled After a Traditional Medieval Dagger
  • Blade is Adorned with Ornate Carvings
  • Has a Spiral Wood Grip with Silver-Steel Fittings
  • Includes a Stitched Leather Sheath
  • A Stunning Display Piece and Collectible, as Well as a Great Costume Weapon


  • Features a Hand Crafted Steel Blade


  • Overall Length: 18 Inches


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