Emerald Venom Ring


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The terrifying, mesmerizing spider can inject its victims with shimmering drops of venom. They are also one of natures greatest artists, crafting delicate webs that glisten in the sun. The Emerald Venom Ring beautifully embodies both of these qualities. This pewter ring is crafted in the image of an enormous spider, its segmented legs folded inward to give its body an hourglass shape. On its abdomen is a multi-faceted emerald green Swarovski crystal, accentuating the natural beauty of a spider. The Emerald Venom Ring comes in a variety of womens sizes, making it a fantastic piece of gothic jewelry that is sure to bring both intimidation and resplendence to your ensemble.

Key Features:

  • Crafted in artful detail
  • Features a lovely green Swarovski crystal
  • Comes in a variety of womens sizes
  • Makes a great piece of gothic jewelry


  • Made from pewter


  • Height: 1.1 Inches
  • Width: 1.1 Inches
  • Depth: 1.9 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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