Elven Filigree Bracelet


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Never forget the tribe to which you belong and your connection to nature with the Elven Filigree Bracelet. This accessory is perfect for the LARP warrior who must leave village life behind and defeat the great evil that threatens all. This handmade bracelet is fashioned from a long strip of high-quality leather. Leaf-vein cutouts add beautiful detail to the band. Whether you choose the role of rogue or ranger, the Elven Filigree Bracelet adds an edgy, tribal touch to your ensemble. Fit it comfortably around your wrist with its adjustable buckle strap.

Key Features:

  • Beautifully detailed with leaf-vein filigree
  • Secured to the wrist with an adjustable buckle strap
  • Stylish accessory for LARP and reenactment
  • Perfect for Elven warriors and other guardians of nature


  • Handmade from top-grain leather


  • Length: 9.4 Inches

Measurements will vary slightly as they are handmade items.


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