Elen of the Ways


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Elen of the Ways is a goddess from ancient Britain whose myths have become intertwined with other deities. She wears the antlers of a female reindeer, leader of the herd, and acts as a guardian of ancient pathways and sacred wisdom. Crafted from cold cast bronze, this goddess statue has been hand painted with accents of green, gold, russet, and violet. Elen stands with a lantern raised in her right hand to guide travelers. She holds a wooden walking staff fitted with a crystal orb in her left hand. Elen wears a gown of grass green and gold, with a gold and violet girdle belt. Her cloak displays a russet fur mantle and gold knotwork trim. She wears her long hair loose, with a narrow circlet adorning her forehead. Elen stands on a stone base embellished with a name placard on the front. This Elen of the Ways statue makes a lovely gift for anyone who seeks enlightenment or has an enthusiasm for ancient goddesses.

Key Features:

  • Hand painted to bring out every detail
  • Depicts the antlered goddess Elen of the Ways
  • Intriguing display for a mantel, desk, or shelf
  • Makes a fantastic gift or personal accent


  • Crafted from cold cast bronze


  • Height: 10.75 Inches


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