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As beautiful and mysterious as she is dangerous, this Dark Fairy figurine is sure to capture your imagination – if not your very soul! It’s said to never make a bargain with the Fae, as they take more than they ever offer. Even the fairies of the Summer Court can be as fickle and capricious as a thunderstorm. And that says nothing about the legendary cruelty and dark, baleful humor of the Unseelies of the Winter Court!

The dark majesty and detail in this Elegant Dark Fairy with Ravens Statue sculpture captures that aesthetic in a truly remarkable way. The detail of this fairy figurine is immaculate, from every feather of her wings to lovingly detailed and hand-painted folds of her gown. This stunning piece of art is made from cold cast resin. Four raven figurines on stone pillars accompany this gothic queen of the fairies. Her dress follows the gothic theme, accented with black feathers. 

You would almost drop your guard upon seeing this messenger of despair thanks to her a soft smile that belies her role as harbinger of doom! Her dark hair cascading from her black crown and Dark, feathered wings spread from her back tell a different tale altogether, don’t they – a warning that screams Don’t Trust Her, She’s Up to No Good! Of course, for those of us who like Getting Up to No Good, this Elegant Dark Fairy with Ravens Statue makes the perfect, and perhaps even lovely, accent to any gothic home decor – or one that enjoys showcasing the dark side of those oh-so-innocent-looking fairies. Just make sure not to agree to anything that sounds like a binding contract if you don’t want to be serving canapés at parties in the Fairy Realm for the next thousand years!

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Key Features:

  • Enchanting gothic accent piece
  • Depicts a gothic angel with ravens
  • Expertly painted by hand
  • Possesses vivid and intricate detailing
  • An unearthly beauty to add to your collection


  • Made from cold cast resin


  • Height: 25.50 Inches


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