Ebony Flames Training Kukri

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Designed primarily for chopping, the kukri is a versatile utility tool commonly found in Nepal, where it is the national knife. The Ebony Flames Training Kukri is an excellent instrument for practicing close-quarters combat. Worn by soldiers and rural people alike, the kukri predates Alexander the Great. More recently, Alice, the main character of the Resident Evil movie franchise, often uses kukri to dispatch her undead foes. The notch at the base of the blade encourages blood, sap, or other fluid to drip off the blade rather than running onto the handle. This polypropylene version utilizes the tough and durable nature of the polymer for practice without the dangers of live steel. The Ebony Flames Training Kukri would make an excellent gift for military history enthusiasts and fans of Resident Evil alike.

Key Features:

  • High quality black polypropylene blade with pointed tip
  • Flames and engraving decorate the blade
  • Round curved handle provides a secure grip
  • Great weight for training


  • Overall Length: 25 Inches


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