Early Medieval Pot Helmet – Polished


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Embrace the allure of medieval warfare with the Polished Early Medieval Pot Helmet. This remarkable helmet is not merely a piece of protective gear; it is a gateway to an era of knights and epic battles, where valor and honor were the order of the day.

Forged from robust 16-gauge mild steel, the Early Medieval Pot Helmet boasts durability and strength. It’s more than just a helmet; it’s an example of medieval engineering, designed to withstand the rigors of combat while exuding timeless elegance.

Classic Design with Modern Comfort

The classic pot-helm design harks back to the early medieval period, featuring a flat top reinforced with sturdy strips that not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but also provide additional protection. This helmet covers the front of the face, offering comprehensive defense without compromising on style. The vertical bar across the face guard serves as a formidable nasal guard, shaped like a cross with rounded ends, adding both functionality and a touch of historical authenticity.

Peer through the strategically designed rectangular eye slots and feel the balance between visibility and protection. These carefully crafted slots allow for a wide field of vision, ensuring you remain aware of your surroundings, whether in a reenactment or cosplay. The circular ventilation holes are another testament to the thoughtful design, ensuring adequate airflow to keep you comfortable during extended wear.

Inside, the medieval helmet is lined with a soft canvas liner, providing a snug and comfortable fit. This liner not only enhances comfort but also ensures the helmet stays securely in place, even during the most intense of activities. Every detail, from the interior lining to the exterior finish, has been thought out to offer you an authentic and immersive experience.

A Piece of History

Owning this pot helm is like holding a piece of history in your hands. Imagine the stories it could tell, the battles it has witnessed, and the knights who might have worn it. It is a symbol of a bygone era, a testament to the bravery and craftsmanship of the medieval period.

Immerse yourself in the world of medieval chivalry and warfare with the Polished Early Medieval Pot Helmet. Whether you are a historical enthusiast, a reenactor, or a collector, this helmet is an indispensable addition to your collection. Its blend of historical accuracy, craftsmanship, and modern comfort makes it a standout piece that will captivate and inspire. Embark on your medieval adventure today with the Polished Early Medieval Pot Helmet.

Key Features:

  • Historically Accurate Design: Designed to mirror the classic early medieval pot-helm design, complete with a flat top, front face coverage, and an authentic cross-shaped nasal guard.
  • Robust Material: Crafted from 16-gauge mild steel, providing durability and impact resistance to meet the demands of both reenactments and display.
  • Improved Visibility and Airflow: Designed with rectangular eye slots for better visibility and circular vents for enhanced airflow, ensuring comfort for extended wear.
  • Comfort-Fit Interior: Internally lined with a canvas liner for a snug and comfortable fit, ensuring the helmet remains securely in place through various activities.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for historical enthusiasts, reenactors, and collectors alike, offering a balance of authenticity, function, and storytelling potential.


  • Made from 16-gauge mild steel
  • Liner is canvas
  • Chin strap is leather

Care Instructions:

This head measurement is based on suggested head circumference, not the measurements of the actual helmet.
Head Circumference
One Size24.8-25.2 inches


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