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Crafted for the adventurers at heart, the Dungeons & Dragons Ranger Vest is your ally when traversing untouched realms and frontier. This exquisite vest is more than attire, it’s a symbol of your courage and quest for adventure.

Braving the Enchanted Forest

Safeguarding the natural balance has never been easy, but with this Ranger vest your character can embark on thrilling quests and dangerous journeys. Chart a course in dense jungle, cold woodlands, or harsh highlands comfortably with a pure cotton fabric construction.

Furthermore, the adjustable laces of this waistcoat ensure a perfect fit, emphasizing form and function without compromising on style. The vest features a raised collar and slightly pointed or flared shoulders, invoking a rustic charm to your ensemble.

Not to mention, this medieval archer vest stands out with its unique blend of rugged charm and frontier spirit. Additionally, its design allows for easy layering without the bulk of padding, ensuring your mobility remains unhindered.

Next up, you can slip this archer waistcoat under leather armor or over your favorite tunic, offering endless outfit possibilities. Whether you’re protecting a nest of magical creatures or battling vile monsters, this Ranger sleeveless jacket is designed to be versatile, comfortable, and stylish. This Ranger waistcoat also features eyelet strips underneath the folds of both shoulders, allowing you to fasten pieces like the Dungeons & Dragons Padded Sleeves along with general clothing items or even armor.

Choose between the earthy tones of Brown or the deep mystic hue of Seaweed as your color for this fantasy ranger vest. Nonetheless, make this medieval sleeveless coat yours with patches, pins, or other accessories that speaks to your character.

Journey Through the Wilds

Whether you’re cosplaying as an intrepid tracker, a fiendish assassin, or any character in between, this Ranger waistcoat can be paired with virtually any apparel for enhancing your character idea. Furthermore, this Ranger vestment was created for fantasy enthusiasts, cosplayers, role players, and LARPers, but it could also be worn for any occasion.

In addition, this medieval vest invites you into an immersive experience where your portrayal is elevated above mere costume. That is to say, this ideal Ranger costume piece can be styled with accessories such as the Dungeons & Dragons Ranger Padded Sleeves#BG-1220.

For the Adventurers At Heart

Trek unknown realms if you’re at a D&D event, historical gathering, cosplay convention, or fighting in epic LARPing battles. Accordingly, add this stylish archer vestment to your wardrobe for a sense of daring and adventure.

Adapt this versatile D&D archer vest for other classes with these creative styling ideas:

  • Wizard Ensemble: Pair this vest with a flowing robe for a touch of arcane flair.
  • Cleric Garb: Represent humble beginnings by wearing this doublet over a simple, earth-toned tunic.
  • Bard Costume: Layer this surcoat over a vibrant, patterned shirt for a Bard’s classic flamboyance.
  • Paladin Armor: Over this vest, wear a chainmail shirt for a nod to the Paladin’s armored strength.

Ready to finally bring your character to life? Check out the complete Dungeons & Dragons Ranger Outfit #OUTFIT-F94.

Key Features:

  • Two Color Options: Choose between Brown or Seaweed to bring your character to life.
  • Different Sizes: Pick the size that best fits you from our available options.
  • Made for Any Wilderness: Made from 100% pure cotton, this D&D Ranger vest ensures comfort on any quest.
  • Classic Frontier Look: Personalize your Ranger character with countless outfit ideas.
  • Adjustable Laces: Adjustable laces along the front of this vest guarantees a snug fit for any body shape.
  • Sleeveless and Breathable: The sleeveless design allows for great mobility and comfort.
  • Stand Out in Any Event: Proudly flaunt your adventurous spirit in historical reenactments, D&D parties, cosplay conventions, and LARPing gatherings.


  • Made of 100% cotton.

Care Instructions:

  • Handwashing this item is recommended. Do not dry in the dryer. Do not bleach. Item may be ironed on a low setting.
This size chart is based on suggested body size, not the measurements of the actual garment.
Chest CircumferenceWaist CircumferenceOverall Length
X-Small34 inches30-31 inches25 inches
Small38 inches31.5-32.5 inches25 inches
Medium42 inches35.5-36.25 inches25.5 inches
Large46 inches37-38.5 inches25.5 inches
X-Large50 inches42.5-43.25 inches26 inches
XX-Large54 inches47.25-48 inches26 inches
XXX-Large58 inches51-52 inches26.5 inches


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