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With our Dungeons & Dragons Monk Shirt, you can embody your character’s inner strength and determination wherever you go. Whether you’re practicing martial arts, attending a convention, or simply want to show off your character, this d&d monk shirt will be with you each step of the journey.

Champion Discipline and Agility

Made from breathable cotton, this D&D tunic ensures utmost comfort and flexibility. Not to mention, it features a cross-wrapped collar for stylistic flair and breathability. Additionally, it promises a comfortable fit in a variety of sizes and adds a powerful aesthetic to your character, echoing the allure of the Zen lifestyle.

This martial artist shirt is available in one color: Natural, reflecting the serenity of the temple. Furthermore, its wide and short sleeves pay homage to traditional martial arts wear, enabling you to move freely and adding authenticity to your character’s look.

Although crafted for those who treasure a mix of comfort and practicality, this Monk shirt is ideal for role playing and fantasy as well. Moreover, a D&D shirt like this can be an everyday shirt thanks to its versatility and comfort.

The upraised and cross-wrapped collar not only adds a sense of physical prowess to your character, it is also adds a broader area of coverage around the chest and the back of the neck for colder conditions. Together with small slits at the bottom of both sides of the shirt, your character will be ensured mobility and performance as a stalwart ally of your party.

Embody Agility, Strength, and Wisdom

Whether you’re engaged in a heated hand-to-hand battle, sparring, or traveling, this medieval Monk costume piece adds an extra layer of depth and complexity to your character concept. Wearing this piece of Monk clothing goes beyond mere fashion; it’s a testament to the wearer’s dedication to adventure, balance, and the way of harmony.

Nevertheless, this warrior shirt allows you to unleash your inner strength and add a fantastic new piece to your wardrobe. Perfect for cosplay or wandering through historical reenactments, this practice apparel is your go-to for any occasion, easily layered with other apparel for outfit inspiration.

Overall, your character will be comfortable in warm and cold climates thanks to cotton fabric, short sleeves, and wide cross-wrapped collar. Not only can you include this fantasy Monk shirt in your next outfit, you can wear it to any of these events:

  • Enhance your physical and mental discipline by practicing martial arts or yoga.
  • Attend fantasy, gaming, or comic conventions as part of a cosplay ensemble.
  • Enjoy a themed party with friends and show off a unique fashion statement.
  • Engage in fantasy role play or LARPing events as a mysterious and wise wanderer.

Ready to finally bring your character to life? Check out the complete Dungeons & Dragons Monk Outfit #OUTFIT-M148.

Key Features:

  • Available in Different Sizes: Choose a size that best fits you from our available options.
  • Comfortable, Agile, and Adaptable: Promise a comfortable fit for your character by wearing this 100% cotton training shirt.
  • Unique Zen Aesthetic: Stand out from the crowd as the mysterious warrior from distant lands.
  • Cross-Wrapped Collar and Short Sleeves: Remain comfortable in warmer or colder conditions with the cross-wrapped collar and breathable short sleeves.
  • Unique for Every Occasion: Personalize your ensemble with this shirt at cosplay conventions, D&D games, historical events, and LARPing gatherings.


  • Made of 100% cotton.

Care Instructions:

  • Handwashing this item is recommended. Do not dry in the dryer. Do not bleach. Item may be ironed on a low setting.
This size chart is based on suggested body size, not the measurements of the actual garment.
Chest CircumferenceWaist CircumferenceOverall Length
X-Small36 inches30-31 inches25.5 inches
Small39.5 inches31.5-32.5 inches26 inches
Medium43.5 inches35.5-36.25 inches26 inches
Large47.5 inches37-38.5 inches26.5 inches
X-Large51.5 inches42.5-43.25 inches26.5 inches
XX-Large55.5 inches47.25-48 inches27 inches
XXX-Large59.5 inches51-52 inches27 inches


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