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Enter the realm of magic and mystery with the enchanting Dungeons & Dragons Warlock Coat. Inspired by the arcane world of powerful Warlocks and their relentless pursuit of power, this coat represents one of the most intriguing archetypes in fantasy.

For the Ambitious Spellcaster

Warlocks who bear the magic of ancient lands are enveloped in an aura of mystery and power, and this D&D Warlock coat is a symbol of that ruthless search for magical prowess. Crafted for those who dare to stand out, this magician coat has a long flowing elegance to it that cloaks you in the allure of the arcane.

Moreover, this medieval coat not only gives you an austere and imposing appearance, it also provides warmth and comfort thanks to its heavy cotton fabric. Additionally, the long sleeves keep your arms covered. The dignified standup collar also evokes an air of magical authority.

Also, added pockets near the waist ensure you can safely store your magical items or warm up your hands in cold climates. Furthermore, the buttons in the front and along the sides accommodate an imposing look for all students of forbidden magics.

Not to mention, the trim of this sorcerer coat along the torso and down the front buttons is a contrasting color, evoking the flow of arcane energies through the spell-slinger. Moreover, with front and back slits, the box pleat design gives the coat increased mobility. Furthermore, the panel of contrasting color at the back matches the trim, revealed by this box pleat design. This striking design ensures nothing will hold you back from unleashing your magical potential in style.

A Nod to the Mystical

Choose from two striking color schemes: Black with Purple for those enchanted by the dark arts, or Grey with Red for those who dabble in chaotic energies. To clarify, the first color is the main color and the second color is the trim along the cuffs, buttons, and around the torso.In addition, the elevated collar provides a great space for showing off your mystical amulets or sorcerous necklaces.

Moreover, elegant seamlines along the front and back bring an air of authority and boldness to your character, adding depth to this sorcerer blazer. Likewise, show off your magical strength at LARPing events, cosplay conventions, Renaissance fairs, and themed-parties with this D&D Wizard overcoat.

In conclusion, this medieval warlock coat blends fashion and fantasy in an embodiment of ambition, designed for those who dare to channel the mystique of the arcane.

Key Features:

  • Long, Flowing Coverage: Featuring long sleeves and coverage down to the ankles, this warlock overcoat guarantees your comfort as you make pacts with otherworldly beings.
  • Stand Up Collar: The noble high collar infuses a sense of mystical authority into your character.
  • Dual Color Combinations: Choose from Black with Purple for a touch of dark elegance or Grey with Red for pursuing the chaotic arts.
  • Mobility Slits: Essential for mobility, slits at the front and back allow for seamless movement while you’re casting spells.
  • Various Sizes: Also available in seven sizes, accommodating different body shapes for comfort and ease of motion.

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  • Coat made of heavy cotton

Care Instructions:

  • Handwashing this item is recommended. Do not dry in the dryer. Do not bleach. Item may be ironed on a low setting.
This size chart is based on suggested body size, not the measurements of the actual garment.
Chest CircumferenceWaist CircumferenceOverall Length
X-Small36 inches30-31 inches56.5 inches
Small40 inches31.5-32.5 inches57 inches
Medium44 inches35.5-36.25 inches57 inches
Large48 inches37-38.5 inches57.5 inches
X-Large51.5 inches42.5-43.25 inches57.5 inches
XX-Large55.5 inches47.25-48 inches58 inches
XXX-Large59.5 inches51-52 inches58 inches


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