Dual Axes Display Plaque


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Featuring a matching pair of decorative war axes and a miniature ornamental breastplate, the Dual Axes Display Plaque is a wonderful wall decoration that is perfect for displaying your interest in the weaponry of the medieval era. The axes employ a design commonly used by knights during the late Middle Ages. Greatly surpassing the versatility of the common battle axe design, these axes feature a spiked tip and a blunt spine to complement the traditional curved blade. These additional features allowed for the capability of thrusting and hammer strikes to better pierce armour and concuss foes. Decorating the place where these weapons intersect is an intricately designed breastplate. Bring a taste of the medieval period to your home with the Dual Axes Display Plaque.

Key Features:

  • Decorative wooden plaque
  • Displays two axes and a miniature breastplate
  • Made in Italy
  • Exquisite piece of medieval themed decor


  • Length: 15.75 Inches
  • Width: 11.75 Inches


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