Dragon Claw Cage Pendant


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In certain cultures, dragons are powerful and lucky creatures, bringing strength and good luck to those who are worthy. The Dragon Claw Cage Pendant incorporates draconic imagery in a Wiccan pendant to use in luck bringing spells. This stainless-steel gothic pendant features an antiqued finish and is masterfully crafted in the shape of two dragons hands clutching a black marble. The claws of these draconic hands form a cage that prevents the marble from falling out. This highly detailed, scaled pendant is attached to a decorative pendant bail by a small ring, allowing you to hang it from any style of chain or cord you desire! Bring a dash of Wiccan or gothic luck to your outfit with this pendant, or give it to a friend or loved one with Wiccan beliefs as a special gift!

Key Features:

  • Displays a dragons clawed hands holding a black orb
  • Sports an antiqued finish
  • Chain not included
  • A cool piece of Wiccan and gothic jewelry


  • Made from stainless-steel
  • Made with a black marble


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